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Tenuta Santa Trice is the ideal choice for those who love active holidays.

Surrounded by the evocative and extremely varied territory of the Alta Maremma, it is a true paradise for MTB lovers!

Santa Trice offers you the possibility to rent your MTB choosing among the best Focus models and to start discovering the territory with specialized guides able to convey adrenaline and love for this land and its breathtaking views.

Every day different tours are organized, with different duration and difficulty levels, to satisfy those who have never tried this sport and maybe prefer an e-bike exit, and also those looking for more technical and fun single tracks.

There is also a family-friendly family tour!

If you already have your two wheels, Santa Trice offers you the chance to go out with our guided tours with the Tuscany Bike guides, but also with the essential services for a biker: reinforced breakfast, a guarded shed, an ad hoc washing machine and the use of a small workshop for everything that can be used for an exit out.

Our tours

In collaboration with Tuscany Bike MTB guides, these are some selected tours for different types of fun and designed for different levels of difficulty.

All routes are constantly maintained for maximum safety fun!

Baratti Tour

Difficulty: easy

Time: 4 h

It is a tour for everyone, suitable for families, groups even with little MTB experience, even groups of children.
Characterized by the passage in very suggestive areas of our territory, from the coastal parks to the Etruscan ruins of Pupulonia, all seasoned by the passage in fun single track we prepared to entertain you.

Departure 9 am – Cost € 35

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Promontorio Enduro Tour

Difficulty: medium-high

Time: 4 h

Surely one of the most exciting tours, single track, rocky passages, jumps and banks, all in complete safety thanks to the constant maintenance done on our trail area by the Tuscany-bike guys.
This tour is suitable for those who already practice this sport, but do not worry, our guides will advise you the most suitable means to tackle the ride and the safest passes, all seasoned with breathtaking landscapes and trails that overlook the islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Departure 9 am – Cost € 35

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Campiglia Tour

Difficulty: medium-easy

Time: 6 h (we suggest a packet lunch)

A tour of fascinating, not difficult but long lasting, so we recommend for the less trained the use of an E-Bike, (yours or one of the models that you can rent directly in the structure).
Initially we will pass through the Val di Cornia countryside, until we reach Venturina, from where we will begin to climb towards Campiglia, an old Tuscan medieval village known for its gastronomic specialties and for suggestive the Metalliferous Hills that we will visit during the day.
Tastings, single tracks and archaeological remains of rare beauty characterize the tour up to the beautiful Rocca di San Silvestro.

Departure  9 am – Cost € 49 

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Etruria Tour

Difficulty: medium

Time: 4 h

In this tour you will discover the essence and the richness of the Val di Cornia territory, a perfect mix that will make you appreciate all aspects related to this sport, we will pass in Baratti where we will visit part of the archaeological sites until crossing single track that there will lead to Piombino, a place where we will rest near the Gulf of Calamoresca and then return.

Departure 9 am – Cost € 35 

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Calaviolina Tour

Difficulty: medium

Time: 6 h (we suggest a packet lunch)

This is the right opportunity to visit another coastal area full of trails and beautiful landscapes, the area of ​​Follonica and Marina di Scarlino.
The tour will start from the estate of Vignale Riotorto, which we will reach with a van equipped with a bike trolley, from
there we will head for Cala Violina, without a doubt one of the most beautiful coves of the entire Tuscan coast, where we will enjoy the paths and the beach.

Right at the beach we will stop for a packed lunch, then
continue the tour and return to a journey along the Val di Cornia countryside.

Departure 9 am – Cost € 49 

Number of participants max 9 people – (possibility
typical local food and wine tasting)

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Bike & Ebike rental

In Santa Trice you can rent MTB and eBike of all sizes, even for children.

The helmet is always included in the rental.

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Tenuta Santa Trice

Località Santa Trice 1, Riotorto (LI)

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